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Five Skills That Make Great Leaders People

Great leaders have exceptional relational skills - those same skills make great people.

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Dr Neil Schultz, Psychiatrist

New Book Reveals
Five Key Skills That Great Leaders and People Have and Use.

If you are a leader, or aspire to lead others, this book will help you become a great leader.  A great leader must understand what leadership is and then have the personal skills to influence people toward goals.  Leaders must:

With The Right Skills You Can Become More Successful – as a Leader and as a Person.

What's Included

Developing a psychological understanding of people, how they interact together and what makes them ‘tick’ can be difficult.  This book explains in plain, easy to understand language, the five key key elements of becoming a better leader.

It is less than 160 pages and written without jargon, it is easy to read and easy for anyone to learn from.

Available on Amazon, it is available in paperback and Kindle versions.

And Not Just For Those In Leadership Roles

It’s easy to associate leaders with leadership roles but you meet leaders everywhere.  Leaders are people who can influence others to work toward a goal. 

You will have met leaders in all sorts of situations – social situations, associations and clubs, and families for example.  If you are interested in this book, the chances are that you are already a leader and want to be better.

Here's a Fraction of What You Will Learn

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The Pathway To Your Success

Develop Psychological Awareness

There is psychology in literally everything people do. When you understand the concepts, you will begin to see around you. You won't be able to 'un-see' and you will develop a whole new way of looking at life.

Understand Other People

Psychological knowledge will deliver new new insights into why people do what they do. It is a like lifting the veil and seeing what is really happening. You will be able to respond to them with those new insights.

Understand Yourself

It isn't just about other people, you play a central role in all interactions. Most people are blissfully unaware of what drives them. Knowing yourself explains why you do what you do. If you understand yourself and the other person, The possibilities are almost limited.

Understand Interactions

We don't exist in isolation, it is all about interactions between people. Understanding yourself and others solves many problems. But really understanding groups takes it to a different level. You can solve conflict and improve group function.

This Is Cheap - But There's No Catch

This book is incredibly cheap, it is sold on Amazon for a minimal amount in paperback and Kindle versions.  The paperback just covers costs and the Kindle version is almost free.  So what’s the catch?

There is no catch at all, the book is full of value, it explains concepts in plain English without a lot of hard to understand psychobabble.  Each chapter includes practical strategies you can use to improve your self-awareness, you stress levels, your conflict management skills, your understanding of other people, and how to manage more difficult people you meet.  

These ideas work and you don’t need to purchase anything else to make them work.

In truth, the price you pay does not cover my costs for selling the book, the advertising costs alone are a lot more than you actually pay – so why would I do that?  There are two reasons.

First, I want you to have something that you can read and value, something that will make a difference in your life and the lives of those around you.

Second, I want to put my best foot forward and demonstrate value.  It is my hope that you will see the value and will consider working with me in the future.

When you buy this book, I take a loss but I am betting that you will be so impressed that you will be in touch to see if you can go deeper and learn more about how you use psychology to create opportunities in your life and the lives of those around you.

Timing is Important

You know that I am taking a loss with each sale and I am okay with that because I hope that the value you receive will excite you and encourage you to want to go even deeper.  

However, I can’t take a loss forever so this offer won’t be permanent – there is a limit so I encourage your take the step to purchase the book. 

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Expertise To Share

Dr. Neil J Schultz 

JD, GDLP, MB, BS, MMed(Psych), FRANZCP (Ret.)

Neil has enjoyed a long career focused on helping people.  Starting as a general doctor working in hospitals in the late 1980’s he then moved on to specialise in psychiatry.  He worked with thousands of people experiencing a wide range of personal dilemmas over more than 20 years.  This included stress, anxiety, depression, psychosis and forensic and other civil court problems.

After more than twenty years working in psychiatry he worked with a hedge funds looking at the psychological influence on the markets and traders.  He then studied law and  mediation helping people resolve conflict.  At the same time, pursuing an interest in social justice, with a barrister colleague, Dr Cavanagh, he runs a not-for-profit organisation helping raise awareness of victims of injustice.

While most of his career has been spent helping people already experiencing problems, working with people to avoid developing illness or conflict just makes sense.

It is hard to imagine you could find a more qualified person to help you in your journey toward emotional competence.

People Are Transformed

5 Skills That Make Great Leaders Contact Form - Get My Book (#26)

Great Leaders Believe in Reading and Psychology

"“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”
"Positive organizational behavior follows the lead of positive psychology, which is driven by theory and research focusing on people's strengths and psychological capabilities. Instead of just retreading and putting a positive spin on traditional organisational behaviour concepts, the unveiling of positive organisational behaviour creates new opportunities."
"The building of well-being will become a cornerstone of morality, politics, and religion."

Let's Summarise

Just in case you scrolled to the end of the page without reading the details, I will quickly summarise what this offer is about.

I am offering a 160 page book that will clearly describe the five important skills that great leaders use.

These skills include developing self-awareness, being able to manage your own stress and the stress of others, understanding how other people think, feel and behave and how to tap into this understanding, how to work with ‘difficult folk’, and how to manage conflict.

While I have dawn on my specialised knowledge and experience to write this book, it is written in an easy to understand style without jargon.  

You will have no trouble understanding the content and you will be able to use the skills to improve your ability to lead.

The question of ‘what is leadership’ is also discussed which makes it clear that leadership is not about what role you play at work, it is about your ability to influence people to work toward a common goal.  

In essence, great leaders have great relational skills, and those same skills make great people.

This book is inexpensive and is actually costing me money to give it to you but there is no catch, nothing else you need to purchase, I just want you to enjoy the book and get as much value as you can from it.  

I do have more to offer, and, if after you have read the book, you would like to take an even deeper dive, reach out, you can schedule a discovery session to discuss your needs.

5 Skills That Make Great Leaders Contact Form - Get My Book (#26)

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