COVID-19 Job-Seeker Scams

It is always sad to hear about the negative aspects of humanity, tough conditions bring out the best and worst of humanity.  The COVID-19 pandemic is no different.

This brief post seeks to warn job-seekers that scammers are actively using the pandemic to target a new range of people.    The last week has seen a massive number of people become unemployed overnight so there are many people who are now looking for work when there is not much work available.  To take advantage of this, scammers are placing ads on job boards.  The ads are seeking to obtain your personal information and will ask for various documents including:

  • Copies of drivers license
  • Copies of passports
  • Banking details

This information is used for identify theft, and if you were to provide bank information, possibly to steal directly from your bank account or use the details in other transactions that have nothing to do with you.

Recruiter’s and companies that are genuinely looking for employees would never require any of this information while advertising for positions.

The only documents you should be prepared to submit are a cover letter and a resume.  In both these cases you should not include document numbers (e.g. drivers license numbers), or your personal address or date of birth.

Please be cautious and don’t be tempted to provide your personal details to anyone who should not have them.

Remember also, COVID-19 will pass eventually and employers will be keen to return to their previous activity.  We just have to hang on until it does.


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