The Five Key Benefits of Using a Recruiter to Pick Your Next Candidate

Many companies like to undertake their own recruitment process — identifying vacancies, posting job advertisements, conducting candidate screening and selection, and salary negotiation. They do this because they think it gives them more control and is cheaper whereas, in reality, there are several benefits in using a proficient recruitment agency.


1. Insider Knowledge

Recruitment agencies spend their whole time researching the job market and recruiting staff. So they know how it all works and are able to take appropriate actions. That includes writing compelling advertisements for jobs and placing them where they’ll be most effective as well as including relevant keywords that ensure internet advertisements are highly ranked and therefore more likely to be seen.

A good recruitment agency will be aware of what’s happening in the jobs market and can plan and advise accordingly. Current salary levels will be known, which is crucial when particular skills are in short supply to ensure the right type of candidates are attracted.

2. Time Saving

Recruitment can be a time-consuming process if it’s done thoroughly and can also be very frustrating, especially if you’re unfamiliar with how it all works. Recruitment agencies, however, are accustomed to the process and the market and so can relieve employers of a lot of pressure, enabling them to concentrate on their primary roles.

A recruitment agency can:

  •  help identify vacant positions and prepare job descriptions and job specifications, and set out an effective recruitment strategy
  • write and place effective advertisements that will attract the right applicants
  • screen applications to filter out unsuitable candidates
  • conduct initial interviews and salary negotiations.

Agencies know the questions to ask and what to focus on to achieve the best outcomes. All you have to do as an employer is to provide input to the process and make the final selection.

3. Getting the Best Candidates

The recruitment process will largely fail if you end up with candidates that aren’t particularly suitable for the job. A recruitment agency can ensure this doesn’t happen by posting effective advertisements in the best places so they’re seen by the right people.
Many potential applicants will be already registered with agencies and so are known to be interested in suitable jobs. This means the agencies will often approach them directly, including people who would not otherwise apply for the job, increasing the number of potential candidates.

4. Reduced Risk

Sometimes you can appoint a candidate, but they then leave shortly afterwards. This means the recruitment process has been largely wasted and you may need to start all over again.

A reputable agency will, in these circumstances, either offer a rebate or repeat the recruitment at a reduced or nil cost. Such an agency will also be aware of current market pay rates, so there’s less chance of pursuing a candidate who wants too much or of offering a salary that has little prospect of attracting the right applicants.

5. Brand Promotion

In an increasingly competitive jobs market, applicants often want more than just a good salary and benefits package. They also want to work for a company they’ll feel comfortable with. Agencies can, therefore, convey the company culture and aims to each one and adopt a professional approach on the company’s behalf. This is valuable marketing and helps to promote a positive image.


Using a Reputable Agency

All benefits will only be achieved if you use a good and professional agency that really knows what it’s doing. At Schward Recruit, we always act in each client’s best interests, promoting it as we would our own business and helping to provide the workforce you need for your company to be successful.

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