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Dr. Neil Schultz

12 Weeks to a Better You

Develop psychological awareness & create better outcomes in your professional and personal life.

Coaching encourages deeper levels of learning.

With knowledge, reflection, and support, you can transform and do things you’ve only dreamt about.

Dr Neil Schultz, Psychiatrist

12 Weeks to a Better You

Develop psychological awareness & create better outcomes in your professional and personal life.

Coaching encourages deeper levels of learning.

With knowledge, reflection, and support, you can transform and do things you’ve only dreamt about.

The Benefits Are Invaluable

Personal Growth

Understand Other People

Understand Group Dynamics

This All Leads To...

You Become More Successful!

It's All About The Personal Touch

High Level Reading

You have access to high level, referenced content that clearly sets out psychological concepts and how they apply to you, other people.

Individual Coaching Sessions

Each section of work is facilitated with a coaching session which focuses on your experiences and life. You can bring current or past problems to the session for discussion.

Questions Focused on You

Each section includes questions designed to have you explore your own experiences in the light of new information.


The content, questions and coaching will inspire self reflection. This is a critical element that integrates the content into your being for automatic access.

The Pathway To Your Success

Develop Psychological Awareness

There is psychology in literally everything people do. When you understand the concepts, you will begin to see around you. You won't be able to 'un-see' and you will develop a whole new way of looking at life.

Understand Other People

Psychological knowledge will deliver new new insights into why people do what they do. It is a like lifting the veil and seeing what is really happening. You will be able to respond to them with those new insights.

Understand Yourself

It isn't just about other people, you play a central role in all interactions. Most people are blissfully unaware of what drives them. Knowing yourself explains why you do what you do. If you understand yourself and the other person, The possibilities are almost limited.

Understand Interactions

We don't exist in isolation, it is all about interactions between people. Understanding yourself and others solves many problems. But really understanding groups takes it to a different level. You can solve conflict and improve group function.

I Have the Expertise to Help You

Dr. Neil J Schultz 


Neil has enjoyed a long career focused on helping people.  Starting as a general doctor working in hospitals in the late 1980’s he then moved on to specialise in psychiatry.  He worked with thousands of people experiencing a wide range of personal dilemmas over more than 20 years.  This included stress, anxiety, depression, psychosis and forensic and other civil court problems.

After more than twenty years in psychiatry he began studying law and when those studies were complete, he worked in mediation helping people resolve conflict.  At the same time, pursuing an interest in social justice, he runs a not-for-profit organisation helping raise awareness of victims of injustice.

While most of his career has been spent helping people already experiencing problems, working with people to avoid developing illness or conflict just makes sense, and this is why the program, “12 weeks to a better you” exists.

It is hard to imagine you could find a more qualified person to help you in your journey toward emotional competence.

People Are Transformed

Experts Agree

"“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”
"Positive organizational behavior follows the lead of positive psychology, which is driven by theory and research focusing on people's strengths and psychological capabilities. Instead of just retreading and putting a positive spin on traditional organisational behaviour concepts, the unveiling of positive organisational behaviour creates new opportunities."
"The building of well-being will become a cornerstone of morality, politics, and religion."

Apply For a Discovery Session

Why Do I Have to Apply?

There are two main reasons and a range of others, but let’s just focus on the two main reasons.

First, this is an intensive program and it is important that you are suited to the program.  This means that you have time and capacity to engage in the process.  Most people are able to do the program, especially if they are motivated, and sometimes we can modify the program somewhat to suit specific requirements, but we prefer to know this ahead of time so we can prepare and make adjustments.

Second, because this is an intensive program delivered on a one-one basis, we can’t simply take as many people who might want to sign up.  There are a limited number of places available at any given time, so a discovery session allows us to ensure that everyone who does the program receives the best service possible.

What Happens in a Discovery Session?

We simply have a conversation.  

You might like to discuss a recent problem that you have been confronted with and we can even look at some immediate solutions to help improve the situation for you.  However, this is not essential – if you would rather just have a general conversation about the problems you are trying to solve that’s okay too.  By the end of the session we will let you know if you will be a good fit and if possible, offer you a place in the program.

How Much Does a Discovery Session Cost?

Before We Get to the Cost, Look at the Value

So Here is the Price, Just $7

Sounds Awesome, What Next, How Do I Apply?

Just answer the questions below.  When you are done, hit the submit button.  

Once you have submitted you will be taken to a calendar where you can schedule an appointment and pay the small fee.  

We will review your answers and look forward to speaking with you during the discovery session.

If for some reason your application for a discovery session is unsuccessful, we will reach out to discuss it with you and of course, refund the fee.

Application Form

Discovery Information Form-1 (#24)

Some Personal Information First

We just need to know who we are speaking with - we will not sell or pass on any of this information.

When you have submitted the application, please check your email for a confirmation email to verify you email address.

Let's Learn Something About You

I am really excited to be able to help you and completing this application will really help to know a little about you before we meet. 

If, after I review the application I don't think I can help you, I will let you know ahead of our scheduled meeting time.

A Little Bit of Housekeeping

Just a very simple question to help us understand how people locate us.

Great, Thanks For Completing the Application Form

When you click submit the application below:

You will be taken to a diary page.  Please schedule an appointment that works for you. 


Open the Cart to pay $7 and confirm your appointment.


There is an issue with your application I will be in touch and your payment will be refunded.

Do You Have a Question? Let Us Know, We Are Here to Help.

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