Conflict is Hugely Expensive

Business owners are often not even aware of the enormous cost conflict plays in their operation. However, it represents a huge expense but it is an expense that can be reduced and add to profitability.

Other Shocking Statistics

Conflict is Expensive & Consumes Resources
On average, every person spends 2.8 hours per week dealing with conflict of some kind.
Very Few People Have Ever Had Conflict Training
Yet conflict training improves outcomes 95% of the time.
Poor Workplace Culture Leads to Staff Turnover of 48%
Improving workplace culture lowers staff turnover to 13%.
Upskilling Managers With Conflict Training Improves Profit
In fact, it increases profit share by 147%
Conflict & Poor Culture are Major Causes of Absenteeism
Absenteeism costs 2.4% of GDP
Conflict Is a Potent Cause of Workers Comp Claims
The average workers comp claim costs $109,000
Workplace Conflict Has Broader Impacts
Reputational damage is a common outcome of conflict.
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These Problems Can Be Solved

Most conflict is related to communication issues. It follows that if communication skills are improved, difficulties associated with conflict will concurrently improve.

We Can Help

There are a range of situations where a business should consider a program to develop communication and conflict management skills.  The format will depend on the specific requirements of your business but the main reasons business use our services including:

Our Program

The basis of our intervention is the personalised administration of our Communicate for Success program which helps participants develop a comprehensive understanding and skills involving communication, conflict and negotiation. Participants also reflect on their own contributions to communication and learn how to implement structures that improve the quality of communication with a focus on effective listening, and being able to develop creative solutions to problems and avoiding toxic conflict.

In addition to exploring issues related to the current conflict, participants will learn about the principles of communication, conflict and negotiation as they work through the following modules.

Program Formats

Our programs can be delivered in a variety of formats depending on the level of personalisation and any other considerations you require.


A comprehensive online program allows people to work at their own pace using video, audio and written content.


Sometimes, group work is better. It can create cohesion as people bounce ideas around and develop as a team.

Individual Coaching

Some people need to go further and discuss how to handle specific conflicts and learn from a coaching experience.

Let's Work Together