• Hyperconnected

    by Dr Neil Schultz
    20 Lessons
    • Hyperconnected - $4.70

    This coursework is an addon to the book, Hyperconnected'. It includes additional content and questions to assist your journey toward connection.

  • Hyperconnected Summary

    by Dr Neil Schultz
    1 Lesson
    • Hyperconnected Summary - $27.00

    A summary document to assist with learning the content of "Hyperconnected".

  • Relax at Will

    by Dr Neil Schultz
    6 Lessons
    • Relax at Will - $1,600.00

    Everyone feels stressed, a lot of people feel stressed most of the time. Being able to choose to relax will provide you with the awareness that you can relax when you need to... which is most of the time.

  • The Discovery Session Preparation Program

    by Dr Neil Schultz
    2 Lessons
    • Discovery Preparation - $17.70

    This short program is designed to prepare you for your 'Discovery Session'. It is straightforward and incorporates some information alongside some questions to help you focus your attention before the session. However, don't forget that the Discovery Session is completely open and you are free to discuss anything you would like or need to.

  • Twelve Steps to a Better You

    by Dr Neil Schultz
    102 Lessons

    This is a coaching program that will help you understand and explore yourself, other people, and how people interact with each other.

  • Create Better Meetings

    by Dr Neil Schultz
    4 Lessons

    There isn't an organisation that doesn't use meetings to understand problems and develop solutions. Being a skilled chairperson puts you in the drivers seat - for your meetings and your career.