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Friction in personal relationships originates from a wide variety of sources although the most common problem is communication difficulty. Many of the other problems would be alleviated with effective skills for listening, communicating and negotiating.

Did You Know

Communication Has Been Pivotal To Development

Communication has been absolutely central to our development as a species. The ability to communicate using verbal and non-verbal cues has allowed us to not only biologically evolve, but also to evolve our ideas and philosophies from generation to generation.

Considering how important it is to our lives, it is surprising that communication skills are not routinely developed more formally. Our success as individuals depends largely on our ability to communicate in virtually all our relationships – from the most intimate to the most formal. When communication breaks down it often heralds the breakdown of the relationship.

Our programs are designed to help people learn to be better communicators and negotiators in both private and business lives.

Become a Master Communicator

We strive to improve the world by helping people communicate better.

You may not be aware of your communication skills – most people don’t think about it. However, everyone has experienced relationship tensions at some time. How would those tensions have evolved if you had better listening skills, better speaking skills, and better negotiation skills? It is hard to imagine an interpersonal interaction that wouldn’t be improved by one or both people having better communication skills.

Who Should Do The Program In Your Oganisation?

Prevention is Better than Cure

We help organisations already experiencing problems with toxic conflict however, preventing problems with proactive education programs provides the best, most cost-effective solution.

Managers and Key Personnel

Our intensive executive programs for managers and key personnel is an excellent way of injecting communication and conflict management skills where it counts most. This recognises research which demonstrates that organisational cultural change is enhanced when it begins in the mid-levels of an organisation.

On-Boarding Programs

Onboarding programs for new recruits allow the recruit to develop an understanding of the practices, culture and expectations of the organisation.

Enrolling new recruits in our Communication for Success program can be an invaluable addition to the onboarding process. It ensures new staff members have an understanding of how to communicate effectively, avoid toxic conflict and develop creative solutions to problems. When all new recruits have to undergo the process it also creates an expectation of how communication and conflict will be managed and positively affects the culture of the organisation.

Team Development

Business are often built around teams and the culture and skills of each team can be developed independently. The performance of a team will improve when the team members have better communication skills. Team members can undertake an educational program, either as individuals or as a group.

There Are Benefits To Being A Master Communicator

Communicate for Success

Our Communicate for Success program helps participants develop a comprehensive understanding and the skills involving communication, conflict and negotiation. Participants also reflect on their own contributions to communication and learn how to implement structures that improve the quality of communication with a focus on effective listening, and being able to develop creative solutions to problems and avoiding toxic conflict.

Program Formats

Our programs can be delivered in a variety of formats depending on the level of personalisation and any other considerations you require.


A comprehensive online program allows people to work at their own pace using video, audio and written content.


Sometimes, group work is better. It can create cohesion as people bounce ideas around and develop as a team.

Individual Coaching

Some people need to go further and discuss how to handle specific conflicts and learn from a coaching experience.

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