Module 5: Personality and Psychological Defences
Areas of Expertise.

Understanding (Difficult) People

People are really complex.

When you spend time with people, you soon realise that everyone is different, that’s more than 7 billion different people on the planet today.  People are really complex, you might even call them difficult people.

You don’t need to be able to identify 7 billion different ‘categories’. Instead, you can identify patterns that will help predict the responses of different people to different situations.  You will be able to use these predictions to better understand and explain the behaviours of people around you.

People are Complex

Some people can be quite difficult.

No doubt you know that not everyone is going to be easy.  About 15% of everyone on the planet could be regarded as being ‘difficult’.  The behaviours that describe difficult people might involve things like emotional instability, unpredictable anger,  depression or anger following trivial disappointments, and  passive aggressive behaviour. 

Understanding how to interpret difficult people will help you predict their responses and how to respond to behaviour.  It might be enough to know that you can settle these difficulties, which is an important task, but your involvement also helps the person grow beyond their challenges.

We can help you understand people better.
You don't need a degree, simple observations, empathy and reflection are enough.

Learning to develop empathic listening skills takes a little practice, but it uses skills you already have.

You just need to use them differently and we can teach you how.

The key to working with difficult people is to understand them.

When you spend a lot of time with difficult people, you soon realise that they feel misunderstood, that someone has not listened to them or heard them when they expressed themselves. It follows that taking the time to understand someone in this situation is a core principle of helping them feel more settled. From here, solutions can develop.

This is a process that involves an understanding of empathy and knowing how to to observe for someone else’s feelings, even when they aren’t telling you.  This includes being able to interpret words, but also the non-verbal communication that accounts for most of the things we ‘say’ to each other.

Remember, empathy and understanding are the keys to connecting with someone who is difficult.

An empathy session

Understand, and then change your approach.

When faced with a difficult person, everyone can get frustrated. It’s easy to ‘blame’ them or make a disparaging remarks under your breath.  I’ve learnt that while this is understandable, you can’t know what the other person is experiencing. You won’t know what challenges they are facing at that moment, what has happened to them in the past and you won’t what situations add to their turmoil.

What matters though, is using empathic understanding to improve the connection.  This connection ‘heals] the person in that moment, much like applying a band aid.  You may find out what was really wrong, or maybe you won’t.  It doesn’t really matter – what does matter is that the person’s response will return to become calmer.  This is something you can use to help them, and create an even keel in a difficult situation.

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“Dr. Neil’s book Hyperconnected was recommended to me by a colleague. It’s helped me to be more confident dealing with stress, difficult people, and dealing with difficult situations. Which is something I deal with pretty often in my professional life but I think that anybody can relate to and get from this book something that will be applicable to every facet of your life.”

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“I read the book, had a discovery session and then went on to the coaching program. The whole package was amazing. I see people differently now – it is far easier to understand people, their complaints and problems. I can then piece that together with my own expectations and create solutions that work for everyone. It would be hard to expect better.”

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