Intervention Prevents Escalation

Once a conflict becomes toxic, productivity has already been impaired and an intervention may be the only thing that stands between the current situation and much greater costs – costs derived from needing to restructure or re-employ, the imminent risk of project failure, or even litigation.

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When Conflict Is Already Problem, You Need An Intervention

Toxic conflict creates disruption in the workplace. Ideally, prevention is better than cure and we recommended businesses upskill staff at all levels to reduce frequency of toxic conflict. However, if your business is already affected by a conflict of some kind, then an ‘intervention’ may be required.


Even at this stage, an intervention can save tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. The cost of allowing the conflict to continue means continuing productivity problems at the very least, and having the company become engulfed in litigation at the worst.

An intervention is more than an education program and involves making an assessment of the difficulties and depending on our findings, we will recommend:

Group or Private Coaching Sessions

Group or private coaching sessions for each party to the conflict. The aims are to educate, ameliorate and develop a willingness to become productively engaged in negotiation.

Identify Unrecognised Elements in the Conflict

Identify other, previously unrecognised issues involved in the conflicts and seek solutions or at least make them known to the parties.

Negotiate and Mediate

If appropriate, use mediation to help the parties find creative solutions acceptable to all sides.

Internalise New Skills

Ensure the skills used are learnt and integrated by the parties to reduce the risk of future similar conflicts.

Interventions Help

Toxic conflict in business can take on a wide variety of forms ranging from people not working well together, to a seemingly insoluble conflict over a specific issue, to longstanding or repeated conflicts within one of your teams or departments.

The benefit of using an intervention inlclude:

Our Intervention Program

The basis of our intervention is the personalised administration of our Communicate for Success program which helps participants develop a comprehensive understanding and skills involving communication, conflict and negotiation. Participants also reflect on their own contributions to communication and learn how to implement structures that improve the quality of communication with a focus on effective listening, and being able to develop creative solutions to problems and avoiding toxic conflict.

In addition to exploring issues related to the current conflict, participants will learn about the principles of communication, conflict and negotiation as they work through the following modules.

Program Formats

Our programs can be delivered in a variety of formats depending on the level of personalisation and any other considerations you require.


A comprehensive online program allows people to work at their own pace using video, audio and written content.


Sometimes, group work is better. It can create cohesion as people bounce ideas around and develop as a team.

Individual Coaching

Some people need to go further and discuss how to handle specific conflicts and learn from a coaching experience.

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