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Discussing situations helps illuminate causes.

Make connections with things you haven't considered.

Assess results of strategies already deployed.

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Complex problems can often seem better with just one improvement.

We will aim to identify that one change you can make.

I will also provide a 'big picture solution' so you can go all the way.

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Dr Neil Schultz

Unique Skills

Decades of experience helping people navigate conflict.

Now striving to help people live and work together by preventing toxic conflict through better communication.


Dr Neil Schultz

A Unique Set of Skills

Decades of experience helping people navigate conflict.

Worked in general medicine and surgery, and specialised in psychological medicine.

Consulted for various insurance companies and their client corporations on situations where conflict had created psychological damage and organisational dysfunction.

Consulted for the Department of Public Prosecutions and NSW Police on matters under investigation and before the court to establish theories of criminal behaviour in those matters.

Consulted for Departments of Veteran’s Affairs and Defence on the impact of conflict on veterans and the risk to new recruits.

Consulted for defence counsel on matters establishing psychological reasons for their client’s behaviour.

Consulted for the Department of Corrections assist inmates entangled in conflict severe enough to warrant prison.

Consulted thousands of individuals who were being personally impacted by conflict; some internal, some of their own making, and some imposed on them externally.

Worked in hedge funds with mathematical models of market forces, largely aligned with conflicting sides of macroeconomic models.

Legal and mediation training focusing on guiding parties toward win-win outcomes.

Now striving to help people live and work together by preventing toxic conflict through better communication.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Tiffany Baxter
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Neil is incredibly knowledgeable in the areas of human behaviour, conflict management, communication and all areas of life skills that support healthy functional relationships for individuals, teams and business alike. I can highly recommend Neil and his Communication Program. It is informative, easily to follow and will add enormous value to all who engage with it. Culture is built with the contribution of each individual and Neil's offering will go along way to building robust, productive and cohesive teams and businesses. Absolutely recommended
Artfully Spun
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This is an exceptional series on communication and conflict resolution. The information presented by Dr Neil Schultz is well laid out and the exercises allow for reflection and expedited learning. These skills will no doubt serve as an invaluable adjunct to my own experience as my business grows. I look forward to the next series of lectures. Artfully Spun Upper Hunter, NSW
Hannah Stenstrom
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Neil is knowledgeable, non-judgmental, and friendly. I can highly recommend his communication and conflict management program. The step-by-step exercises which I applied to my everyday life were really useful. All in all, it was interesting, practical and thorough. Thanks!

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