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Mediation is a process that helps facilitate the resolution of disagreements between parties using an uninvolved third party whose skills involve helping people see problems differently and then developing new, creative solutions together.

How Do People Engage in Conflict

Conflict is a very normal part of life. In fact, conflict allows our society to develop new approaches to doing things – without the successful resolution of conflict we would not ever be able to develop. However, in some situations, conflict becomes toxic as parties become locked into a seemingly unwinnable and unending situation with increasing hostility and interpersonal damage.


Mediation Keeps You In Control

There are many different forms of dispute resolution including litigation and arbitration. However, they can take the control away from the parties, the decision is made by someone else and the parties have to abide by that decision. However, mediation keeps the control with you. Mediators are there to help people find their own solutions, solutions that work for both sides.

Mediation Reduces Barriers

When people engage in conflict, they become increasingly opposed, taking a stance further and further apart. Each step increases the barrier between them and it becomes harder for them to find any common ground they can use to discuss their differences.

One of the first tasks of a skilled mediator is to reduce barriers allowing parties to begin to see other as people again, and not just opponents they need to beat.

Mediation Builds Relationships

Conflict leaves relationships in tatters. People walk away feeling defeated, humiliated and angry and naturally the ability for people to work together it is hard for those same people to work together. Mediation provides a different outcome. When conflicted people undergo mediation, they work together to find a solution, a solution they can both value and feel positive about.

Mediation Saves Money

Conflict is hugely expensive. Productivey deteriorates, relationships are damaged, individuals experience emotional damage, sometimes affecting their families as well. Sometimes, these situations escalate further and lead to long and expensive court cases. In comparison, mediation can be accessed quickly, often leads to a fast solution, and potential damage is vastly minimised.

Mediation Rewards With Solutions

The purpose of mediation is to help disconnected people make connections, develop an understanding of each other and develop solutions.

We Can Help

You might find yourself in a situation where mediation would be a potential benefit but you are not sure what to do next. The most important step is to recognise that you are involved in a conflict that you would like to resolve before it becomes a serious, life changing problem.

We can help in a range of situations where private individuals are engaged in conflict, in business situations where you have a conflict with a client or competitor, and in business situations where members of your team are in conflict.

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