Understanding is the Core of Relationship

Friction in personal relationships originates from a wide variety of sources.  The most common problem is a lack of understanding between people, how do they communicate with each other.

Many problems would be alleviated when at least one person understands themselves and the other person.

Communication Has Been Pivotal To Development

Communication has been absolutely central to our development as a species. The ability to communicate using verbal and non-verbal cues has allowed us to not only biologically evolve, but also to evolve our ideas and philosophies from generation to generation.

Considering how important it is to our lives, it is surprising that communication skills are not routinely developed more formally. Our success as individuals depends on our ability to communicate in our relationships – from the most intimate to the most formal. 

When communication breaks down it often heralds the breakdown of the relationship.

Our programs are designed to help people learn to be better communicators and negotiators in both private and business lives.

Develop Emotional IQ - Develop Your Psychological Skills

We strive to improve the world by helping people understand each other.

You may not be aware of your communication skills – most people don’t think about it. However, everyone has experienced relationship tensions at some time. 

How would those tensions have evolved if you had better listening skills, better speaking skills, and better negotiation skills? It is hard to imagine an interpersonal interaction that wouldn’t be improved by one or both people being able to understand each other better.

Understand Other People Better

Trying to communicate and manage conflict is almost impossible if you can’t understand other people and what they are experiencing.  

The words they use represents only a small part of communication.  So much more comes from their non verbal communication and when you can ‘read’ this part of communication you have a far greater understanding of what is happening, and what is being communicated.

Understand Yourself Better

You must understand yourself before you can understand others.  When you understand yourself, your own emotions, and your own behaviours, the you have the ability to change and control the way you manage your own responses.

If you don’t understand yourself, it is almost impossible to respond appropriately to others in our lives.

Learn How to Respond to Negative Emotion

Responding to negative communication can be challenging.  In fact many people do anything they can to avoid get involved in negative interactions.  

However, if you are confident in your ability to get involved, you will be better able to manage situations that invariably arise.  

As a result, those around you will be more confident in your presence, they will be comfortable to share with you, and give you more respect knowing that you are able to manage your own feelings and be conscious and aware of theirs.

Become a Leader

Sometimes, ideas of leadership are focused on industry and commercial endeavours.  But leadership is more.  Leadership is about how people  influence and interact with others – not just in a commercial setting, but in personal, social and family settings.  The real value of leadership is how we influence the people who are most important to us… not just how we influence those in commercial situations.

There Are Benefits To Understanding Each Other

12 Weeks to a Better You

Our 12 Weeks to a Better You program helps participants develop a comprehensive understanding of themselves, of others and how people interact. Participants reflect on their own contributions and learn how to implement structures that improve the quality of relationships. 

The program helps participants understand:

Program Formats

The program is a coaching program supported by written content and exploratory questions designed to help participants integrate new knowledge while challenging old habits and introducing new methods.


The written content and questions are available in an online format through our exclusive learning modules.

One-on-One Coaching

At the end of each module, participants engage in an coaching session with Dr Schultz or an approved coach.

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