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Consultants deliver experience you can't replicate.

Coaching Programs

Coaching creates rewards for individuals and company.


When disputes are too large a problem, mediation can help.

Training Programs

Training programs ensure that everyone has the same knowledge.

Corporate Programs

Corporations can make use of training, coaching and mediation programs.


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1. Consultant

When your company experiences problems, you may be too close to see the real issues. Consultants bring objective observations and their specialised experience opens the door to solutions you hadn’t considered.

How does it work?

Consultancy works because the people involved are specialists in their field. They bring that knowledge and an ability to look at a situation with an objective unbiased view.

2. Training Programs

Training programs provide attendees with information to solve a set of problems. They ensure that everyone who does the program has information that will assist their analysis and performance.

Our training programs focus on using psychological awareness to solve problems like dealing with difficult people, handling conflict, and building rapport.

How does it work?

Training programs provide attendees with a set of skills that they can develop and utilise. Some will find a training session is enough, while others will desire more intensive training to take them to a new level of competence. 

3. Coaching Programs

Coaching provides a deeper exploration of the individual. It involves a 12 sessions covering a wide range of content that will explore various aspects of psychological awareness. Perfect skills for leaders.

How does it work?

A coaching program includes written and video content along with reflective questions to help candidates explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviour. This is followed up with 12 hour-long coaching sessions to help the candidate fully understand and reflect on their experience and expectations.

4. Corporate Programs

A corporations first goal is to create profit so anything that can contribute to this goal must be considered. A workforce that uses psychological awareness to improve its function is known to add to productivity and ultimately, profitability.

We assist corporations to achieve these goals by providing training programs, leadership coaching, conflict resolution programs and mediation services. 

How does it work?

We offer consultancy services to corporations and can provide advice regarding corporate culture, training to address specific issues, and most importantly, private coaching for developing leaders.

5. Mediation

Some conflict problems can become intractable, sometimes overheated by emotion. Mediation helps people solve intractable toxic conflict.  Mediation seeks to resolve conflict, but even more importantly, we always seek to achieve a win-win outcome.  An outcome where both sides benefit and relationships are improved after the solution has been created. 

How does it work?

Mediation involves an assessment and exploration of the challenges being faced, discussions with the parties involved, mediation meetings between the parties driving creative solutions that benefit all parties.

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