/ Wireframe: Client Report

Wireframe: Client Report


  • To provide supervisor/admin with all the relevant details related to a particular client in one place.
  • Relevant details will come from CRM, Products/Appointments, Learndash questions and answers.
  • Some additional fields that allow a coach/mentor to add notes about the client during sessions and then review the notes in the future.
  • It could look something like


Current User: If admin, able to select from any other user in the system (meaning other admin or coach) // If a coach is logged in, then it only shows the name of the person logged in.

Client: Shows the clients linked to the first field.

Add Client: A button that allows the Current User to add a client to their list. (can be one to many – ie, a client might have multiple coaches)

Basic Data:

Once a client has been selected, we need the clients basic basic identifying data including:

  • Name, DOB, Address, Phone, email, Company, (this might be pulled from CRM and/or Woocommerce)
  • Product List (a list of everything they have received including freebies and paid products)
  • Expenditure List (a list of the various purchase amts by date – a graph would be great)


This section is to allow the coach to access and:

  • Review material that is already in the system
  • Add and edit coaching notes as the user progresses

It make sense for this to be structured in the same was the course is. That is:

  • The course
  • The lesson
    • The topic
    • The exercise
    • The coaching notes

This data not currently accessible – it is recorded by Learndash as students go through the process, but it is not easily accessible to admin or coach. Presumably the data can be the Learndash records. Learndash is organised as Courses > Lessons >Topics>Exercises > Questions.

Also, there is currently no capacity for a coach/mentor to make notes about their clients at each session. The coaching session itself though is listed as a topic with exercises and allows the student to make coaching notes, but not a coach.

Under the exercises tab we need to be able to see the question/s being asked followed by the client’s response.

Most of these questions are going to be a long form answer, a few are uploadable as essays, There are different types of MCQ’s and ‘assessment’ answers.

This field does not yet exist, but if we spend an hour with someone, we need to be able to make some notes and then be able to access those notes at a later time. This section is a place where the notes can be added, edited and reviewed. It makes sense to have the notes viewable in the same place as the relevant lesson it is associated with.