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“How To Manage People With Zero Stress... Even If You Don't Have A Masters Degree In Psychology!” - Dr. Neil Schultz

(No shouting, arguing, fighting, endless back-and-forth, or emotional breakdowns anymore!)
“Truly recommend.”

Liam, Football Coach

“Accessible read”

Amazon Book Rveiw

“I see people differently now.”

Alistair Roberts, Product Manager

Hyperconnected Book Testimonial
“Helped me.”

John, Solicitor

“Transferrable skills.”

Amazon Book Review

“Absolutely recommended.”​

Tiffany Joy Baxter, Entrepreneur

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Tired, Stressed,, Frustrated, Worried

Tired of Wasting Your Money, Time, & Energy?

You aren’t alone.

But... It's NOT Your Fault! You simply weren’t taught this at School.

It feels terrible, even frightening.

When you can’t manage what’s happening outside, it feels very terrible and even frightening sometimes.

Things going out of control?

It’s easy to get confused, feel distressed, and misunderstand the things that go on around you.


Totally baffled by someone’s decisions?

Feels like you’re going around in circles trying to reason with a partner or family member?

How to manage difficult people?

Some people can be really challenging. In fact, people ‘fall into disagreements’ and then get left to sort it out.

John, Solicitor | Hyperconnected Book Testimonial
Karen, Deputy Principal | Hyperconnected Book Testimonial
Liam, Assistant Professional Football Coach | Hyperconnected Book Testimonial
But Wait... There's Good News!!!

“Zero People Conflicts In Your Life Within 30 Days... Even If You Don't Have A Masters Degree In Psychology!”

(Without Struggling For Weeks Or Months Or Even Years Sometimes)

“Hyperconnected” is a new and revolutionary book that teaches you how to manage difficult people with ease. In this book, Dr. Schultz explains why “psychological awareness” is key to better relationships with your own self and others.

The book teaches you how to manage difficult people and resolve serious conflicts with ease. No more draining your positive energy, or taking stress, or wasting your precious time.

In this book, you’ll learn:

You’re about to DISCOVER THE TRUTH about resolving conflicts and people management.

Dr. Neil Schultz

JD, GDLP, MB, BS, MMed (Psych), FRANZCP (Ret.)

(Read What The Readers Are Saying About The Book “Hyperconnected”)

Trusted By Hundreds Of Readers Worldwide.

“Truly recommend this book.”

5 Star Rating

“I’m a young football coach currently residing over in the UK working at an academy. was recommended the book Hyperconnected. It’s helped me deal with conflicts at work and reduced stress. It’s also helped me deal with other people better at work and players and coaches as well. This book helps me understand people better and helps me get the best out of my players. I truly recommend this book as I believe it will help people get the best out of themselves and the people around them.”

Liam, Assistant Professional Football Coach | Hyperconnected Book Testimonial
Liam, Professional Football Coach
Book Review For Hypeconnected

“Saved over a hundred thousand dollars.”

5 Star Rating

“Our company saved over a hundred thousand dollars by avoiding the negative consequences of tumultuous relationships and conflict. Dr Schultz’s experience and expertise has had a hugely positive influence on our team. Even better, the individuals he worked with are enjoying a greater sense of well being and are more productive. Dr Schultz tailored the course to the needs of individuals and the organisation. The addition of an online format made it even more accessible. Thoroughly recommended!”

Karen Merrick
Karen Merrick
Head of Strategy and Planning

“Helped me deal with stress...”

5 Star Rating

“Dr. Neil’s book Hyperconnected was recommended to me by a colleague. It’s helped me to be more confident dealing with stress, difficult people, and dealing with difficult situations. Which is something I deal with pretty often in my professional life but I think that anybody can relate to and get from this book something that will be applicable to every facet of your life.”

John, Solicitor | Hyperconnected Book Testimonial
John, Solicitor
Book Review For Hypeconnected

“Transferrable leadership skills.”

5 Star Rating

“A very accessible read on leadership skills which are transferrable to all parts of one’s personal and professional life. Although it is written from foundations on psychology, the language and clear definitions make this a great book to share with leaders from all levels and areas of life.”

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Amazon Book Review

“Highly recommend his program.”

5 Star Rating

“Neil is knowledgeable, non-judgmental, and friendly. I can highly recommend his program. The step-by-step exercises which I applied to my everyday life were really useful. All in all, it was interesting, practical, and thorough. Thanks!”

Hannah Stenstrom
Hannah Stenstrom

“Absolutely recommended.”

5 Star Rating

“Neil is incredibly knowledgeable in the areas of human behaviour, conflict management, communication, and life skills that support healthy functional relationships for individuals, teams, and business alike. I can highly recommend Neil’s program. It is informative, easy to follow and will add enormous value to all who engage with it. Absolutely recommended.”

Tiffany Joy Baxter
Tiffany Joy Baxter

“I see people differently now.”

5 Star Rating

“I read the book, had a discovery session and then went on to the coaching program. The whole package was amazing. I see people differently now – it is far easier to understand people, their complaints and problems. I can then piece that together with my own expectations and create solutions that work for everyone. It would be hard to expect better.”

Alistair Roberts
Alistair Roberts
Product Manager
How Anyone Can Manage People With Zero Stress (...and it's NOT what you think!)

“Inside This Book: Take A Glimpse Into The Contents Of Hyperconnected”

Written by Dr. Neil Schultz, a well-known Doctor, Psychiatrist, Hypnotherapist, Mediator, and Trained Lawyer. with over 30 years of experience in these fields.

What Is Psychological Awareness?

Discover and understand what psychological awareness is and why it’s important. (page 19)

“But He/She Is The Problem…”

Find out why we should focus on preventing problems rather than focusing on the problem. (page 45)

Not A Leader?

Find out why leadership is more than just taking control of people. (page 46)

The Link Between Workplace Culture & Profits

Learn how to improve the workplace culture and hence greater profits. (page 49)

“Life Is Complicated.”

Life is complicated for everyone. We need to embrace complications to get the most out of life. (page 68)

Value Of Self-Awareness

How you can use self-awareness to improve outcomes. (page 99)

95% People Resist Change

Recognise your own resistance to change, and how you can overcome your resistance. (page 114)

Self-Awareness Is The Golden Key

See how self-awareness changes the way you understand other people, manage stress, recognise difficult people, and conflict. (page 127)

Want To Completely Change Your Life?

Understand how self-awareness will help you in your personal and professional life. (page 129)

Writing Reflective Journals

Understand and realise the importance of reflective journals to improve your own self-awareness… and a powerful means to change your complete life. (page 138)

What Is The True Nature of Stress?

Understand the nature of ‘stress’ and how it influences your life. Discover ways to stop being affected by stress. (page 146)

How People Think, Feel, & Behave

See how psychological and physiological changes affect the way people think, feel and behave when exposed to stress. (page 161)

The 2-Pronged Solution

Learn the secret “two pronged solution” to immediately reduce stress and get on with your day. (page 168)

“This Isn’t Just About You”

See that stress isn’t just about you, leaders need to be able to help other people with stress. (page 175)

People are Complicated

Recognise that people are sometimes more complicated than you expect for a number of reasons, including personality style and resilience. (page 182)

Breaking Through Complexity

Develop a strategy for breaking through people’s “complexity”; helping them develop and steer them back on track for the benefit of themselves and the team. (page 192)

Are Difficult People Bad?

See that while difficult people can create frustration, for most part, they don’t do it on purpose and don’t enjoy the experience. (page 201)

What Makes Someone ‘Difficult’?

Some people can be just difficult to get along with. Understand the different features that make people ‘difficult’. Learn how to get them onside. (page 204)

Dealing With Difficult People

Learn practical strategies to deal with difficult people. Help difficult people overcome challenges and move forward. (page 206)

Are Conflicts Positive Or Negative?

Realise that while conflict is often derided as a negative aspect of human life, it has genuine value. (page 228)

Types Of Conflicts

Be able to recognise different types of conflict including when it becomes toxic. This will allow you to change the way the conflict proceeds, hence reducing the tendency to consume those involved. (page 230)

Listening v/s Speaking

Accept the fundamental importance of listening instead of speaking when trying to understand someone. (page 241)

5 Step Method To Resolve Any Conflict

Learn the 5 secrets steps that will allow you to resolve virtually any conflict, no matter with who or where. Resolve conflicts with ease and without any stress. Come out of conflicts as a winner. (page 243)

What Is Leadership?

Understand the true meaning of leadership, and more importantly what it is not. Knowing this information will empower you to become a better leader and manage people more effectively. (page 255)

Value Of Leadership

Recognise the true value of leadership to individuals regardless of their work role. How true leaders use emotional intelligence and psychological awareness as their secret weapon. (page 258)

Sphere of Influence

Recognise what a “Sphere of Influence” is, and how you affect it. In your “Sphere of Influence”, you have the ability to affect everyone around you. At work, this leads to greater productivity, better relationships, and happier teams. (page 270)

Conflict Management

How to practise conflict management in real life. How to manage conflicts easily and resolve them without any stress. (page 285)

Know Why To Avoid Being A Therapist

It can be tempting to dig into people’s backgrounds to really understand them. You don’t need to though, that’s a therapist’s job. (page 288)

Dr. Neil Schultz
About The Author

Written By Dr. Neil Schultz

JD, GDLP, MB, BS, MMed (Psych), FRANZCP (Ret.)​

Dr. Neil Schultz is a well-known Medical Practitioner, Psychiatrist, Lawyer, & Mediator with over 40 years of experience. He is currently based in Australia.

He holds several degrees from renowned educational institutions including:

  • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), University of Sydney;
  • FRANZCP, Psychiatry, Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatry;
  • Master of Medicine, Psychiatry, University of Sydney;
  • GDLP, Law, University of Newcastle;
  • JD, Law, University of Newcastle.
Dr. Neil Schultz Signature

Dr. Neil Schultz
JD, GDLP, MB, BS, MMed (Psych), FRANZCP (Ret.)​

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  • Learn how to reflect and retrospect.
  • Observe how you think and feel about other people.
  • How those things affect your behaviour.
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Bonus #2: Audio Relaxation Tool ($97)

You will get a bonus “Audio Relaxation Tool” usually sold for $97. But when you buy the book, you get it for FREE.

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  • Always stay in control.
  • Become relaxed and peaceful.
  • Stop feeling stressed and anxious.
A Conflict Cheat Sheet

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You will get a bonus “Conflict Cheat Sheet” usually given only as part of personal consultations and is priced at $197. But with the book, you can get it for FREE.

Conflict Cheat Sheet will help you:

  • A tool that guides you through conflict.
  • Provides a step-by-step guide you can easily follow.
  • Ensure that you don’t miss any steps.
  • Arrive at great outcomes… everytime.
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No Questions Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t happy with the content within 30 days, ask for a refund and we will do so gladly. You won’t need to justify it and you can even keep the book.

“No one is coming to save you, You have to save yourself.”

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