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Dr. Neil Schultz

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My name is Neil Schultz and I have been working with people  conflict for nearly forty years.

My background includes general medicine, psychological medicine, macroeconomics, market psychology, the law and mediation. This is a unique perspective supplemented with experience in general medical and general psychiatric hospitals, forensic psychiatric units, private practice, the courts, prisons, legal studies and mediation, and, even a hedge fund where I created algorithmic trading systems to remove the psychological influence in trading decisions.

A common thread through it all has been the realisation that most people experience problems in their lives because they don’t understand themselves or those around them.  In law and mediation, in spite of the very different discipline, the thread was the same – people not understanding themselves or those they were trying to engage with.  If people were able to speak to each other and work from a place of understanding, they would have been able to avoid the terrible, damaging conflicts that ensued.

I have helped people experiencing all sorts of problems relating to their lack of emotional skill.  These problems have included everything from mild symptoms of depression and anxiety, to substance abuse, relationship breakdowns, physical abuse, suicide attempts and even murder.

With a combination of both medical and legal experience, it is clear to me that, just like in many situations, prevention is always better than cure.

My ambition is to help people to become proficient with enough psychological skill to develop emotional intelligence and enable them to create a better life for themselves, and those around them.  When I work with one person, it is really exciting to know that there are also benefits for people around them – members of their family, their friends, and their colleagues.  

Psychological medicine understands that behaviour is driven by psychology.  My programs help people develop their psychological skills to bring about transformational change.  They develop their abilities to understand and calm themselves, to understand and be a calming influence to others, to influence their environment for the benefit of everyone.  These are goals worth pursuing.

Sometimes situations are already developed, conflicts are in progress.  In these cases, mediation is an excellent way of breaking down conflict and developing solutions to benefit everyone involved.


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