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Are You Feeling Stressed?

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With knowledge, reflection, and support, you can transform and do things you’ve only dreamt about.

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Dr Neil Schultz, Psychiatrist

Are You Feeling Stressed?

I can help with that.

With knowledge, reflection, and support, you can transform and do things you’ve only dreamt about.

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Stress Changes the Way Your Body Works

When you feel stressed, your body changes

There Are Solutions to Defeat Stress

#1 Reduce the Stress Response in the Moment

You do something to change the way you are responding to stress then and there. It is a partial and temporary improvement, but it can be enough to keep you moving until the stressor is improved.

#2 Change the Way You Respond to Stress

Life delivers stressful situations - that's just the reality. You can change the way you cope with stress though. Imagine if you could change the way you respond to stressors. Well, you can, some people experience a lot of stress, and just seem to cope. You can learn how they do it.

#3 Change the Way You Think

You have probably seen people who don't seem to feel stress. They do experience stressful situations, but they just don't dwell on it. A lot of the stress we experience comes from our own thoughts and feelings. When you take control over your thoughts and feelings, a lot of stress just disappears.

I Have the Expertise to Help You

Dr. Neil J Schultz 


Neil has enjoyed a long career focused on helping people.  Starting as a general doctor working in hospitals in the late 1980’s he then moved on to specialise in psychiatry.  He worked with thousands of people experiencing a wide range of personal dilemmas over more than 20 years.  This included stress, anxiety, depression, psychosis and forensic and other civil court problems.

After more than twenty years in psychiatry he began studying law and when those studies were complete, he worked in mediation helping people resolve conflict.  At the same time, pursuing an interest in social justice, he runs a not-for-profit organisation helping raise awareness of victims of injustice.

While most of his career has been spent helping people already experiencing problems, working with people to avoid developing illness or conflict just makes sense, and this is why the program, “12 weeks to a better you” exists.

It is hard to imagine you could find a more qualified person to help you in your journey toward emotional competence.

People Are Transformed

Experts Agree

"When it comes to making yourself happy, you need to learn what works for you." The practice of knowing and understanding what makes you tick is called emotional intelligence (EQ) -- and, according to Bradberry, it's a critical skill that happy people tend to have in common.
"Emotional intelligence was a predictive factor for happiness in medical students. Students with higher emotional intelligence felt healthier."
"The trick to keeping stress healthy is to manage it, but is it really worth it? Yes! Stress management can take time and practice, but the rewards are great. When you do, you can expect some important and far-reaching benefits."

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